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Home News Corona virus: how few people spread viruses?

Corona virus: how few people spread viruses?

A characteristic spread of the Corona virus, when infected people pass the infection to large numbers of people, is a feature of outbreaks of infectious diseases.

Although there is no guilt for those affected, this may be a decisive factor in how the disease spreads.

There are reports of a situation called “super outbreak” while the Coruna virus, which originated in Wuhan, China, was spreading.

It turned out that there was a link between British Steve Welch who contracted the virus while in Singapore, between four cases in the United Kingdom, five in France, and possibly one on the island of Majorca in Spain.

What is an outbreak?

It is a somewhat broad term, with no specific scientific definition.

However, it is used to describe a patient’s transmission to a large number of people.

Typically, each person infected with the new coronavirus transmits the infection to two to three other people in general.

Some patients may not transmit the infection to anyone, while others may transmit it to more than 3 people.

How large can an outbreak reach? The extent of the outbreak may be very large. It may have a major impact on the extent of the disease.

In 2015, one case of respiratory syndrome in the Middle East, which bore a resemblance to the Corona virus, infected 82 people in a hospital. During the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, the vast majority of cases (61%) came from a very small number of patients (3%). “There were over 100 new infections from just one funeral in June 2014,” says Dr. Natalie McDermott of King’s College, London. Why do some people transmit infections more than others? Some patients mingle with many more people – either at work or in their place of residence – and this means that they can spread the disease on a large scale, whether or not symptoms of the disease are apparent to them.

“Children do it well – so school closings may be an appropriate measure,” says Dr. John Edmonds of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. “Sex workers have played a very big role in spreading HIV,” says Professor Mark Wallhouse of the University of Edinburgh. Others are considered “super-spreaders” of the disease, as they spread unusually large amounts of viruses across their bodies, so there is a high risk of infection in anyone who contacts them. Hospitals that treat acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) have become major centers for spreading the disease on a large scale because patients most affected by the disease have turned largely into sources of infection and have contacted many health care workers.

How do they change the outbreak? “This plays a big role at the beginning of any virus spread, that is, when the virus tries to establish its existence,” Dr. Edmonds told BBC News. New infectious diseases, including corona virus, are from animals. When the virus passes to the first person it may fade before it infects other people. But if the disease can quickly find its way to a person who spreads it widely, it gives a powerful impetus to the spread of the disease and its spread. The same rules apply when transmitting cases from one country to another. Dr. McDermott says: “If there are many cases of large-scale disease spreaders in close proximity to each other, it will be difficult to contain the outbreak of this disease.”

What does it take to stop the Coronavirus from spreading? The outbreak of the new Coronavirus will not be surprising, nor will it change much in how to treat the disease. At the present time, we completely depend on the diagnosis of cases and anyone who has come close to the injured. Professor Hillhouse says: “This makes it all the more important – you can’t make a lot of mistakes and cannot tolerate the result of the disease’s widespread failure to be discovered.” Is it the fault of the widely spread disease? Historically, there has been a tendency to “demonize” the person who spreads the infection widely.

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