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Corona virus: the disease is spread from Italy to other parts of Europe

Several European countries have reported coronavirus infections on their soil, all of which appear to be linked to the growing outbreak in Italy.

Austria, Croatia and Switzerland confirmed that the injuries were related to people who had visited Italy recently, which Algeria had announced.

In Brazil, the first case was confirmed in South America, and it is for a Brazilian who is returning from Italy.

In the past few days, Italy has become the country most affected by the virus, with more than 300 infections and 11 deaths recorded.

despite this, its neighbors considered that closing the borders between them would be a “disproportionate” measure. null Topics that may interest you

Health ministers from France, Germany, Italy and the European Union Commission pledged to keep the borders open at a meeting yesterday, with new cases of the virus emerging in various parts of Europe, central and southern Italy.

“We are talking about a virus that does not respect the borders,” said Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza.

His German counterpart, Jens Young, said that neighbors deal with the situation “with great seriousness,” but he acknowledged that “the situation may get worse before it gets back and improves.”

In Britain, students returning from their holidays in northern Italy were asked to stay in their homes, while the government issued new directions for travelers.

However, British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that there are no plans to stop flights from Italy, which attracts about three million visitors from the UK every year.

Hancock added that Italy “has stopped all flights from China and is now the most affected country in Europe.”

What is the latest information about Europe?

In Austria, a young Italian couple living in Innsbruck in the Tyrol region has been confirmed injured. One of the spouses worked at a hotel that had been closed.

Switzerland said that a man in his seventies, living in the Ticino region bordering Italy, was wounded in the city of Milan on February 15 and is now being quarantined.

A man from Croatia, who has recently returned from Italy, has become the first confirmed patient in the Balkans.

On the Spanish island of Tenerife, up to 1,000 inmates have been detained in a hotel in their rooms, after an Italian doctor and his wife have been infected with the virus.

Spain has announced the first case of coronavirus on its main territory, after confirming the infection of a woman in Barcelona returning from northern Italy.

France and Germany also confirmed new infections related to people who had visited northern Italy recently.

What is the situation like in the world?

Italy is one of three hotspots for the virus to spread outside China.

Official data in Iran indicate that the number of injured is less than 100, but there are assumptions that the number is much higher. The country’s vice minister of health has deepened fears that the virus has already spread widely.

More than 1,000 people were injured in South Korea, where 10 people died. The country recorded the largest number of infections outside China.

Many cases are linked to a church in Daegu. Health authorities are currently examining all of the church’s more than 210,000 members, according to reports.

In Brazil, local media reported that the initial tests for a 61-year-old man in northern Italy recently had been positive.

The media reported that the man, from São Paulo, would undergo further checks to confirm his injury.

Most infections remain in China, where the new Corona virus appeared last year.

According to the latest data released today, 78,064 people have been infected since the virus spread. To date, the number of deaths on the Chinese mainland has reached 2715.

But the number of new infections in China continues to decline. With this, attention has now shifted to out-of-China cases and how they are transmitted between countries.

The Director-General of the World Health Organization said the sudden increase in infections in countries outside China was “very worrying”.

And the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned yesterday that the virus could cause “severe” disorders in the United States, where one official said that the question is not whether or not the virus will become a global pandemic, but rather when it will.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged all countries to “tell the truth about the Corona virus,” noting that Washington was concerned that Iran might hide “important details” from the outbreak.

Of all the hotspots currently outside of China, Iran is the most worrisome because of the lack of an accurate picture of the actual extent of the disease, said Dr. Natalie McDermott, an infectious disease expert at King’s College University in London.

She noted that most of the reported cases concerned elderly persons who were close to death, adding, “It seems that we hear about the top of the iceberg and we lack the large mass at the bottom that relates to the younger people who may not show the disease.”

There are fears that many Shiite Muslim visitors and migrant workers who have traveled between Iran and other parts of the region in recent weeks may have already spread the virus. Iran is believed to have been the source of the first cases reported by neighboring Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, and Oman, which have now imposed travel restrictions to and from the Islamic Republic


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