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How to become famous

the fame

( become famous ) Fame Many people seek to achieve fame, and love of people, which causes them to try to promote the same, and introduce others to them through social networking sites, or through newspapers, given the benefits of fame, as it delivers the message of the individual with less time and effort, and the individual gains a distinctive place, And it allows its owner to build many relationships, and it can also give the owner a sum of money, and in this article, we will introduce you to how to achieve fame.

How to become famous

Define the distinct skill

Define the field in which you will become famous, in case you are distinguished in poetry, you must use this talent in a way that makes you famous, and promote yourself, by displaying your talent on social networking sites, and trying to publish in newspapers.

Develop your skill

Develop your existing skill and talent, through reading and reading, taking courses related to it, increasing knowledge, educating oneself with all the new developments related to it, and trying to excel in it.

Role models

Find an example and a good example that will follow his approach, then read about the example of a person’s example, and see his path, to learn how to walk in his footsteps, to get fame.

Time management

organizing time between reading and reading, and various other activities, which contributes to saving a lot of hours, thus making use of every minute that passes, and using the full time in the useful things, and contributing to achieving what you want.

Recognize and learn from mistakes

Avoid denying the mistakes that will be made, because denying them leads to falling back, so you must admit them and try to avoid them.


Trust in your abilities, avoid underestimating you, your talent, and increase the certainty that you will reach what you want, and succeed, and that God will help you reach and fulfill your dream.

Good interaction with others

To deal with others within the framework of the prevailing traditions and customs, because if your dealings are not desirable with them, you will not become famous or important whatever your talent, because fame comes only through the people you treat well because they will see you loved and polite, which will contribute to improving your relationship with the others.

Self stimulation

Encouraging the self and motivating it to develop and progress, because that will lead to success, and reward the soul, then you will be motivated by others, except that the initial motivation must be from the soul.

Ongoing training

Continuous training in talent, its development through perseverance, and exerting effort to reach the highest levels of excellence and success in it.


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