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Love relationships: how to make them work today?

We often paint a very negative picture of romantic relationships.

Is this pessimistic perspective a sign that romantic relationships are at their worst in our societies?

Do women and men really suffer from an irreconcilable difference in their desires, their values ​​and their way of relating to each other?

Here are some food for thought and, above all, my 9 best strategies for being happy as a couple, and staying that way for a long time!

Just a little history …

I will not go with the back of the dead hand, as they say.

Let’s start with the beginning.

Where do we come from?

The rhythm of our daily activities sometimes makes us forget that our way of life is brand new in the history of humanity.

are barely 12,000 years old, which is very recent since our species, homo sapiens has existed for several hundred thousand years, at least.

And cultural practices are constantly evolving.

With the new technologies that are multiplying and a growing world demography, it is easier and easier to lose your Latin…

When culture evolves faster than nature

We live in an extremely different environment from the one in which our ancestors lived.

But do the roots of our evolution condemn us to act on impulse and to follow our negative emotions?

Fortunately not!

Indeed, despite our biological limits, our brain allows us to modify our behaviors according to different situations.

it allows us to adapt.

Do we have no hair (especially me)?

Never mind, here are some warm clothes …

It is this same principle of adaptation that allowed us to go to the Moon …

In other words, we can exceed our biological limits and we are not limited to what our instincts dictate to us.

This also means that we are not condemned to behave like our ancestors.

Our brain allows us to modify our behaviors according to the situations in order to adapt.

Courage, I’m coming to love and my best happiness strategies in this area soon.

Biologically speaking, humans cannot evolve quickly.

On the other hand, he can evolve in his behavior by adopting knowledge, values ​​and skills that promote the development of groups of people, such as couples.

Among these values ​​are empathy and compassion.

When we interact with others, the ability to put ourselves in their place helps us to seek not only our self-interest but the benefit of all.

Unfortunately, this type of “moral adaptation” is sorely lacking when we think only of our navel.

In love, we are sometimes unable to put ourselves in the place of the one with whom we share our life.

We have a short-term vision that simply aims to meet our expectations.

This perspective is that of consumption, and it hardly feeds well-being through enriching romantic relationships …

If you have followed me so far and forgive me for this long detour, we now come to love.

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