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Best Online Surveys To Make Money From Home

Are you currently looking for legit online surveys to make money from home or looking for a way to earn gift cards online? One of the best ways to make extra money in your spare time is by completing different surveys online. While completing surveys won’t’ make a person rich it is a great way to pay for things such as your car gas every single month. 

About a year ago I started looking into different survey sites to make extra money and some of the ones I found turned out to be AMAZING.  While building my blog + business I was able to make extra money and receive gift cards from different survey sites daily. 

Last year, I was able to pay for all my Christmas shopping  + more with the help of this side hustleSo, as a result, I have compiled a list of very popular survey sites that pay well and that are completely LEGITIMATE!  

(Remember if a survey site ever asks you for money upfront– RUN!!!! I have NEVER had to pay any survey site any money.)

Below are the best survey sites to make money from home. The survey sites I list below are LEGIT and have all been tested. You will not have to pay to sign up for any of the survey sites listed in this post. 

1. Rakuten 

If you are looking for the best surveys to make money from home this site is amazing! When you can earn money when you refer other people to the site that you know. You can also earn money from this site by shopping online at stores you already shop at such as Amazon, Target, and Macy. 

Pros: You can earn money from this site by referring it to other people. 

Payment Method: They send you a check via PayPal once you reach $5.00. 

When Do You Get Paid: Currently, the days they send out their payments are May 15th, August 15th, Nov 15th, and Feb 15th

2. Ibotta

Ibotta is AWESOME!  This is an app that many people really love including me. With this site, you can earn cashback from your grocery store shopping. Once you download the Ibotta app simply pick the items you plan to pick up at the store and get them. After your shopping is done upload your receipt to the Ibotta app and you will earn cashback. 

Pros: You can earn cashback from items you already buy from the store. 

Payment Method: They send payments directly to you when your account hits $20.00 via Paypal.

When Do You Get Paid: You can get your payment each time you hit $20.00.

3. Swagbucks

If you want to add one of the best surveys to make money this is the one.  I love love love Swagbucks! I get gift cards from Swagbucks weekly and it’s pretty amazing.  This company has been around for a while and pays out over 6000 gift cards DAILY to different members!! Whattttttt! Yup! That’s why it’s one of my FAVES!

What makes this site so awesome is that you can earn countless ways on Swagbucks. Everything from watching movie previews to taking different surveys and more. Swagbucks, let you earn FREE gift cards from Target, Amazon, Best Buy and more when you complete the different tasks on their website. 

Pros: Swagbucks gives out an estimate of 7,000 gift cards on a daily basis.

Payment Method: You earn bucks point which can be redeemed for gift cards to places such as Target, Walmart, and more. You can also turn in your points for PayPal cash. 

When Do You Get Paid: Once you hit 300 points you can redeem your points for gift cards or Paypal cash. 

4. Respondent 

Respondent is another favorite by many people because of how long they have been around. They are a legit survey site that offers higher-paying surveys to their members. 

Pros: You can evaluate products before they actually hit the shelf. 

Payment Method: After you get enough points you can redeem them for prizes or for cash via Paypal or check. 

When Do You Get Paid: Varies on when you get enough points. 


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