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A cured man from Corona

A South Korean man recounted his bitter and detailed experience with the emerging Coronavirus (Covid 19) that he contracted in February, and then recovered from the serious illness completely.

According to the Washington Post, Kim Song Hwan, 47, was thought to be experiencing only transient fatigue and was likely to have a cold, and completely ruled out that it was related to the Coronavirus, especially since he had not traveled to China recently.

When the Korean man’s body temperature continued to rise, he went to the hospital to be tested, at which point, he found that he had the virus and was suddenly quarantined in a hospital in Yongchon District, southwest of the capital, Seoul.

Kim Song says that he lived days of isolation, obsessions, and pain, because he was alone in his room and only heard a ventilator tube, after he had an infection in the lung. As for communication with the outside world, he remained on the phone only, in addition to the TV, which brings news of the disease throughout Time.

The former patient added, in an interview with the American newspaper, that he was afraid of transmission of the virus to his wife and daughter, especially since he did not go to the hospital from the beginning, and fortunately, it later turned out that the infection had not been transmitted to them.

The man described the pain of the disease, and he said that he was feeling a severe headache, as well as intense heat similar to what the body would become after performing strenuous exercise, but these symptoms disappeared after a period of nearly four days, and a laboratory analysis was conducted and the result was negative. The number of people infected with the Coronavirus exceeded 4,200 cases in South Korea, while 26 people died from the disease.

The recovering man says that the infected people can overcome the infection that causes global panic, and then thanked those who medically nourished him until he recovered, which may not be available to many in non-developed countries.

After allowing the man to leave the hospital, Kim Sung returned to his normal life and even started doing exercise exercises that required significant effort.

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